Come Join Us in Albert Lea

Come Join Us in Albert Lea

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Over 31,000 Lights

With over 27,500 traditional LED and 3,600 pixel lights, this display lights up the night. Come watch with your family and spread the Christmas spirit!

100% LED Display

All lights in this display are LED. LEDs use less energy, last longer and have a more vibrant glow.

Every 10 minutes

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"The light show has strands of lights running up the trees, along the house, on the window frames, up the pathway and more. The two also doubled the amount of lights from last year. The Carter's hope the community enjoys the display and adds it to the list of holiday fun during the season in Minnesota."

Jenae Hackensmith Austin Daily Herald

Watch 2017's Show

In 2017, the featured songs are Carol of the Bells by Pentatonix and Wonderful Christmas Time by Demi Lovato. This display has 31,000 LED lights. This is the third year where Christmas Lights were synced to music. This display uses 104 different circuits. This is one of the largest displays in southern Minnesota

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Out of Courtesy for our Neighbors

Please do not park your vehicles in front of driveways or walk on neighboring yards. Feel free to walk around our property.

The show continues in Albert Lea

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