Carter family has moved to Albert Lea. Show information relocated to https://carterxmas.com/

snowmansmlAnnually the Carter Family puts together a large LED light display synchronized to music. 2015 was the first year where they synchronized their lights to music in Austin, Minnesota. In 2014, their house had 7,000 LED lights. In 2015, they had a total of 14,000 lights and climbing to 22,500 lights in 2016. This year there is a combined total of 31,000 lights (between “traditional” LEDs and RGB pixels). The display is intended to highlight the features of the property with a few “extras”.

As reported by the Austin Minnesota Daily Herald, “The light show has strands of lights running up the trees, along the house, on the window frames, up the pathway and more.” The goal is to add something unique to the display each year.

Ultimately, their hope is to add a new fun tradition to the Austin Minnesota community during the holiday season.

Typically the display runs from the weekend before Thanksgiving through December 31st. In general, the show runs from 5-9pm with it running until 10pm on Fridays & Saturdays along with Christmas Eve/Day.


Something that sets this display apart from others is that the computer that runs the show is “home grown”. Since the available light show equipment is very costly, Mike was able to build his own version for about a half??of the cost. In 2015, there were 32 circuits used (different plugs), growing to 104 circuits in 2017. You can see a photo of the “guts” of a part of the system to the left.

A donation box is located at the corner of the property. All proceeds are donated to a local Southern Minnesota non-profit organization, varying year-to-year. In 2015, the community generously donated over $170, which helped send a local Boy Scout to summer camp. In 2016, the community raised $455 to send a local Girl Scout to summer camp.

The display is located at 710 11th Ave NW, Austin, MN 55912 with the public welcome to come enjoy.